Die klinische Evidenz, die die überragenden Ergebnisse von EthOss unterstützt, wächst von Tag zu Tag und führt zu Weiterempfehlungen.

Syntetyczne materiały augmentacyjne nowej generacji, przegl d kliniczny i naukowy

Biological Impact of Alloplastic Bone Graft vs Bovine Xenograft and Allograft Materials in Bone Healing

Synthetic Material for Bone, Periodontal, and Dental Tissue Regeneration: Where Are We Now, and Where Are We Heading Next?

Implant and alloplast synergy in the anterior mandible


Treatment of Osseous Defects after Mandibular Third Molar Removal with a Resorbable Alloplastic Grafting Material: A Case Series with 1- to 2-Year Follow-Up Minas Leventis *, Efstathia Tsetsenekou

Utilizing host regeneration of hard tissues for soft tissue success

Ridge preservation and regeneration

Bone Healing in Rabbit Calvaria Defects Using a Synthetic Bone Substitute: A Histological and Micro-CT Comparative Study

Helping the host regenerate hard and soft tissues

Stability without membranes

Novel synthetics and traditional xenografts

Bone grafting using a novel in situ hardening synthetic material with simultaneous early implant placement. A case report highlighting a new approach.

A new approach with an in-situ self-hardening grafting material

Ein neuer Therapieansatz mit einem in situ selbsthärtenden Augmentationsmaterial

True bone regeneration for long-term tissue stability

Alveolar Ridge Preservation Using a Novel Synthetic Grafting Material: A Case with Two-Year Follow-Up

Nuovi materiali, nuovi protocolli: un cambiamento paradigmatico nella rigenerazione ossea. Un caso clinico

Synthetic bone grafts in contemporary Oral Surgery and Implantology. Newest developments and perspectives

Augmentation osseuse à l’aide d’un matériaude greffe particulé alloplastique et implantation simultanée : présentation d’un cas clinique

Simplified protocol, successful results

Novel Graft Material with New Protocol in GBR; Use in Sinus Augmentation Using a Lateral Window

Protocol for Bone Augmentation with Simultaneous Early Implant Placement: A Retrospective Multicenter Clinical Study

Revised protocols – October 2015

The body wants to heal

Der Körper will heilen

Implant Placement with Simultaneous Bone Grafting Using a Novel Alloplastic Particulate Graft Material